Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday, February 3rd

Hello Folks, I am sure you are all wondering whether we will be open or not, due to the snow. Well, we are going to be open just as long as we can be, depending on speed of accumulation. If the snow starts to collect too quickly and we need to keep the Zamboni on the ice for the whole time, we will have to close, but as of now, we are looking ok. we can have 30 minute breaks between Zamboni runs, and the snow accumulation isn't too fast yet. If you are wondering about lessons tonight, they should be happening as scheduled, but if we do close the rink, I will be calling everyone at least 2 hours before the class is suppose to start, if not sooner. Thanks again for checking in, and I hope to see you all for some skating in the snow today!


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