Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Opening TODAY!!!! Wednesday, December 8th

Hello Everyone, well, all of your patience has paid off, and we appreciate it SO much. We will in fact be open at 12 noon today, and stay open until 8pm tonight. Our daily hours of operation can be found on our website at Don't forget to stop by and purchase your Anytime or Lunchtime season pass if you plan on skating with us throughout the skating season! Thanks again for all of your patience, and I hope to be skating with you under the open sky very soon!


At December 9, 2010 at 11:02 AM , Anonymous Freedom Baird said...

Dear Kendall Square Community Ice Skating Staff,

We love you guys! Here, for you, is a poem I wrote about ice skating at Kendall Square.

See you soon --
- Freedom Baird and family

Ice skating is nice skating

Ice skating is nice skating
The ice is nice, it’s white as rice
It’s smooth, as smooth as icey ice!
We glide, we slide, ourselves elide
We spin and lean and beam with pride
With iceward nosefirst dive we shout
Were this home base, we’d not be out!
When ice turns choppy macaroni
Here he comes, Mr. Zamboni!
Watch him smooth and swerve and pave
The brushes spin, the scrapers shave
We see the change: steam -> water -> ice
And now the ice is REALLY nice!
We charge through gate o’er glassy sheen
We’re fast, we’re quick, of speed we’re Queen!
And when we're done, hot cocoa downed
We’ll say “bye ice” till the next round
Ice skating is nice skating

by Freedom Baird


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