Friday, February 23, 2007

beautiful day for a skate!

Hey everyone! We're having another great day at the rink. Today we had a visit from the local Cambridge Boys and Girls Club. It was a pleasure to see such a great group of local kids, enjoy themselves as much as they did skating today. Young and old, tall and small, everyone has fun here at Kendall Square Community Skating. Today is Friday, so the fun lasts until 9pm tonight. Don't miss out, come on down and join! Don't forget, we have hot cocoa with a little whipped cream on top.

These pictures above were taken just moments before this blog was created. One of them is a picture of one of the wonderful kids from the Cambridge Boys and Girls Club. His name is Jamaree. He said that "skating is fun, and the music is cool." There is also a picture of the whole Cambridge Boys and Girls Club as well.
So come join Jamaree and everyone else here at Kendall Square Community Skating. HAPPY SKATING EVERYONE!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

If You Didn't Know, You'd Think It Was A Party Here Today!

Hey Folks! Well, it's another beautiful day here in Kendall Square. The temperature is very mild and it is very pleasant to be outside today. Everyone seams to be having a really wonderful time here, as you can see in our picture above (taken just moments before this blog was created). We are also featuring a picture of one of our professional Zamboni drivers. This is Jamal. He works here at Kendall Square Community Skating. He is just one of our many very professional, friendly staff here. So, stop wasting time, get off the computer and get down here to join the fun! We can't wait to skate with you! HAPPY SKATING!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

another PERFECT day for skating!

Hello folks! Thanks for checking us out today! We are having so much fun here in Kendall Square today. It's sunny outside, the temperature is just right for outdoor skating, and the staff and other people skating here today are as friendly as ever. In a picture shown above, we have some featured guests today, their names are Hannah, Molly, and Liam. Hannah said "it's cool to skate outside, and the snacks are yummy!" Liam's comment was "it's fun to skate around and there's more room than some other rinks" and little Molly said "I just like to skate around." All in all, everyone is having a lot of fun here today. If you're not already here, you should be. Come on down and join the fun! It's never too late to make memories like outdoor skating in the middle of the beautiful city of Cambridge, a city of the greater Boston area.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Its a BEAutiful day for a skate!!!!!! Come on down!!!

Hello everyone! we are here today with a couple of guests. Their names are William, Harry, Eve, and Greg. Their picture is shown above, taken just a little while ago. They all had very nice things to say about Kendall Square Community Skating. Greg said that Kendall Square Skating is "The Jewel Of Cambridge." When Eve was asked what she thought about ice skating here, she replied "ice skating feels good here." William was very pleased that it's "not freezing" today, so it's a lot of fun to go skating. They are just a few of the many very happy skaters here today, taking advantage of the beautiful weather we're having. Don't miss out, come on down and join us!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beautiful First Day Of Winter Break!

Hey everyone! Here we have a few skaters that are here at Kendall Square today and having a great time skating. Their names are, from left to right, Lucy, Charlie, and Will. The weather is GREAT for skating today. The wind is very minimal and the sun is shining, so come on down and join Lucy, Charlie and Will for a skate on this beautiful first day of winter vacation! Happy skating everyone!

Winter Break Has Arived!!!! Time to go SKATING!!!

This is the week we've all been waiting for; outdoor winter fun! Here at Kendall Square Community Skating is where all that fun begins. We offer the lowest admission around, with the friendliest, most helpful staff. We offer private as well as group lessons, for those of you who need a little instruction. If you are interested in private instruction, just give a call or stop by. We almost always have a coach ready to show you how to skate, weather it be your first time, or you are trying to perfect that triple lutz. We have steaming hot chocolate (whip cream included), coffee, and hot tea. We also have some hot snacks available. As you can see we're not too busy right now, so come on down before the crowds arrive! We look forward to skating with you today!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's a beautiful winter day for skating!!!!!!

Hey everyone! Well, the clouds have broken up and the sun is shining. What's a better idea than skating?!?! We will be open for business today resuming regular business hours. We will open promptly at 12 noon and be open until 8pm tonight. It sure is a bit brisk out there today, so don't forget your layers, hats, gloves or mittens. As usual, we will be offering hot chocolate, coffee, and hot tea to help you warm up for only $1 each. We here at Kendall Square Community Skating hope that you made it through the nasty winter weather safely and smoothly, and that you come join us for a skate today. I will be posting another blog later on to report how well the weather and the condition of the ice is holding up. Thanks for checking into our website!

Rink Manager

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Closed until further notice.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying inside where it is dry and warm, because it certainly isn't like that outside today. As I'm sure you know, our rink is OUTdoors, so today, with the weather as it is, (raining, sleeting, hailing, and sometimes snowing) conditions are not ideal for skating outdoors, so we are closed until further notice. We are working very hard to maintain the ice so as to reopen as soon as we possibly can. Ice Stars Skating School will also be rescheduling lessons on a case by case basis, so all of you people who have payed for group lessons, no worries, someone will be calling you very soon to find out what the best time is for you to make up your lesson. Thanks so much for all of your patience and understanding and we look forward to skating with you as soon as everything clears up. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Best Regards,
Rink Manager

Saturday, February 10, 2007

beautiful sunny day

Text ColorHey everyone, we're having a great day here at the Kendall Rink. We have plenty of people out here skating and having a great time on this beautiful sunny day. It's not too cold out and our ice is just immaculate, come by and join the party; we're open till 9pm tonight.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Valentine's Day Date & Skate Event

February 14th Date & Skate Event

Looking for something to do with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Outdoor Ice Skating!

Kendall Square Community skating will host a special “Date & Skate” event on Valentine’s Day. Tunes include romantic favorites from the past to chart topping songs of today, with special dedications encouraged. Warm up inside the skaters pavilion with some hot cocoa and free valentine cookie decorating.

Date: Wednesday, February 14th

Time: Noon to 8:00pm

Place: Kendall Square Community Skating

300 Athenaeum Street, Cambridge


Adults $3

Student/Senior $2

Skate Rental $5

Kendall Square Community Skating

300 Athenaeum Street, Cambridge

Located 2 blocks from the Kendall T station. Off of Third Street.
Discounted garage parking available after

Phone: 617-492-0941

About Kendall Square Community Skating:

Open between now and March 15, 2007, the 8,400-square-foot outdoor ice rink offers skate rentals, lessons, drinks and light snacks, locker rentals, restrooms, changing areas and a comfy place to warm up! Hours of operation are Monday 12-5pm, Tuesday through Thursday, 12-8pm; Friday 12-9pm; Saturday 12-9pm and Sundays and Holidays 12-6pm. The facility is also available for private parties and events. Easily accessible by the T (Kendall Square stop on the Red Line) and plenty of on site parking is available, too. For information, please call Kendall Square Community Skating at 617.492.0941 or visit

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

winter weather has arrived, time to go skating!!!

Here we have Anne, one of our fabulous regulars at the rink. She is enjoying herself today, all by her self as you can see. She's a very friendly girl, and would love some company on the ice. We have HOT HOT chocolate, tea, and coffee for sale at our Skater's Cafe to keep you from getting too COLD COLD, on this crisp winter afternoon. The wind is minimal today, so don't let that stop you. We all look forward to skating with you today. Don't forget to stop by!

Friday, February 2, 2007

today is a perfect day for a skate!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking us out on the web today. We have had a great day so far, lots of lunchtime visitors, and regulars here at the rink. The weather is fair with a slight overcast, but the temperature is perfect for skating, not too cold, and next to no wind.
Please notice, above we have some guests that visited the rink today, their names are Hayley and Hana. They really had a great time here today skating in their adorable matching pink winter jackets. So, we hope you make your way to Kendall Square this evening and go for a nice skate under the night sky.