Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thanks for checking in with us today. We hope to see you over the new year. Our hours of operation on New Year's Eve and New Years Day will be the same. We will open at 11am and stay open until 6pm both days. Although the snow is falling, and as you probably know, our ice is outside under the open sky, we are able to keep up with it. Again, we hope to see you over the next couple of days and throughout the rest of the season. Happy New Year, and Happy Skating!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vacation Week in Cambridge

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice Holiday! We are very excited that it is vacation week, and we hope you will join us on the ice sometime this week while you are out of school, or off from work. The weather looks great for the next couple of days, and as usual, we will have great music playing. If you have someone visiting from out of town, what better way to give them a little slice of the Boston feel than ice skating under the open sky right in the middle of Kendall square?! Our hours and rates are listed on the website, so check it out, and we will hope to see you soon! HAPPY SKATING!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Come on down, we are OPEN

Hello everyone, thank you so much for checking in. We WILL be open today, Wednesday December 16th, at 12pm. I appreciate everyone's understanding about yesterday's closing, and I hope you all join us today and continue to join us in the future. Our is fantastic today, and we hope you enjoy skating on it as much as we enjoy maintaining it for you. Hope to see you soon! HAPPY SKATING!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today, Tuesday December 15th

Due to warm temps and maintenance we will be closed until further notice. As soon as we know we will be open again, it will be here on the blog as well as on our phone message at the rink. Thanks so much for checking in and we hope to be skating with you under the open sky very soon!

John Pyne
Rink Manager

Friday, December 11, 2009

First skaters of the season

Here we have Stella, Heloise, and Leah, our first skaters of the season. We hope you come down to join them and everyone else under the stars. We have about 2 hours of skating left tonight, so you better come quick. If you can't make it tonight, we hope to see you at the show tomorrow. Just bring your skates and everything else is free tomorrow! If you don't have any skates, you can rent some when you get here, we've got plenty!


Hello everyone, thank you all for your patience. We are very please to announce that we are now open for business! Our ice couldn't be in better condition, and it is absolutely beautiful out there today! We will have to close at 6pm tonight due to figure skating practice for our show tomorrow, which I hope all of you will join us for as well. We hope to see you today and this weekend! Take care, and happy holidays!

John Pyne
Rink Manager

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jim and Lisa are putting the final touches on the rink. We should be open on Friday December 12.